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All the kits components are clearly labelled and then packaged ready for delivery. Every effort has been made to ensure it arrives in good condition, ready for you to start assemble. The easy to follow instructions indicate step by step your processes to complete a wonderfully designed piece of furniture as a floor clock and utilising the very best of German movement quality. Glass is not supplied with kits unless you wish as to source it for you. Plain glass with 3mm thickness is suitable for these sized door applications. However, we can source Bevelled glass that can be included prior to sending if you desire. Contact us for further information.

All kits include the following:

• All Timber components are precision cut and machined then numbered and carefully protected to ensure the care of mitred ends. All the doors and or decorative panels or columns are completed and ready to fit. Easy to follow step by step instructions and exploded view drawings or photo images make it easy to work through the construction process. Standard sets require you to supply glass, glue and suitable screws. A number of clamps are required to hold parts in position prior to checking and fixing into place. All parts have been pre sanded but may require further sanding between finishes. Your choice of finish may include oiling, waxing, clear finish, stains or French polishing. Which ever method you make it to suit your own needs. The grains of our Australian Timbers ensure a good look.

• German made 1161-853114 model, Hermle 8 Day Triple Chime Cable Weight Driven Movement. This movement allows you to select a melody from Westminster chime, Whittington chime or St. Michaels chime. The melody plays at each quarter, starting with ¼ of the melody at 15min past, then ½ the melody at 30min past; and so on. Finally at the full hour it plays the full melody and then strikes the number of hours. For those worried about the sleeping hours, this movement includes an Automatic Night Time Silencer. (ANSO) This mechanism when engaged allows the movement to suppress the chimes from 10.00pm until 7.00am (within the correct 12 hour clock cycle) Winding is performed via a crank key through holes in the dial face. This also reduces the amount of handling of the weights or brassware as with chain driven movements. Polished Brass Shells surround the weights that drive the movement ad are place in specific positions. All of which are detailed for you. Finally an large Polished Brass Pendulum is hung and swung to regulate and perpetuate the time keeping process. Full details of each movement is supplied with the boxed components.

• All hardware for the timber case is supplied to ensure consistent fit. Polished Brass Hinges, Knobs and Key Plate enhance the look of the clock. Locks and catches enable the closure of any doors. Adjustable levelling feet allow for fine tuning the floor clock to a perfect level position. Some screws are supplied for these components for your consideration.

For further details, questions and answers, please contact us via the Contact Us page.


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